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I'm a natural light photographer based in Kettering, Northamptonshire and I specialise in children and family portraiture. Photography has been part of my life since I was a little kid. Since I was about 8 years old, I’ve used up a lot of film rolls, taking pictures of the most ridiculous things with the weirdest angles possible but apparently everyone starts somewhere... I bought my first proper film camera when I was 16 and I knew photography was something more than just a hobby... it became my passion and according to one of the online dictionaries "passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible." Well, I can definitely backup this description and I hope you can see the same; in my portfolio of portraits I've created over the years.

I was born and raised in Poland but I've spent my whole adulthood in United Kingdom where I met my better half. We share our happiness with three amazing kids, one crazy dog and a fatty cat in a little house on the edge of a small town. My family is my life, it's everything I dreamt of and to say I'm lucky is an understatement.

Hey There.

My name is Aga & I'm so glad you're here!

Because it's all about laughter, tears, happiness and being close. It’s not about the stiff poses, fake smiles or looking your Sunday best. It's about real emotions and human connections; it's about you and your loved ones, and capturing it all in that exact moment. Because when the day is over and memories begin to fade, your pictures will be what brings your stories back to life.
If you're looking for a non-traditional, quirky and natural photography style, look no further 'cause you're in the right place.

A few things about me:

(which we can use to break the ice during the shoot)
  • My full name is Agnieszka (not so easy to pronounce, right?) but Aga is a short form and easier to say so that's the name a go by.

  • I'm a sucker for animals. I'm going to own a farm in another life.

  • Being a mama is the best adventure of my life.

  • I loooove outdoors. And travels. I'm truly fascinated with Morocco and its culture.

  • I'm crazy about plants. There's never enough plants. I'm slightly running out of available space but my plan is turn our house into an indoor jungle. I just need to convince my husband that we need more of them because you know, oxygen and all of that.

  • I like books. I don't often find much spare time to read anymore but I'm collecting them for my retirement days.

  • My favourite film genre is horror. I also like heavier type of music but my taste is quite eclectic.

  • Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. There is no start to the day without a cup of ground coffee.

Oh, Boy! I'm so glad you're here! Together, we can create memories that will last a lifetime and longer so let's chat!

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