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Molly & Emma in Stamford town

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Hey everyone! It’s so cool you’re here and reading my very first blog post! I’ve been planning to do this for quite some time now but there was always something else... I meant to do a post about myself, about being back to photography, about what I do and what I love but in the end I’ve decided I'm going to kick start it with two girls in love who I met two weeks ago (because they are more interesting than me, ha).

Few weeks ago I’ve done model call for same sex couple. Why? Because I am an open-minded person who is pro many things. One day I was working on my website and I’ve realised that my work doesn’t really reflect that. Well, it shows my style, my way of approaching and capturing people but where’s diversity? There was almost none. So I’ve made a decision to do a model call on my Facebook page and start expanding my portfolio. Molly responded to my search, introducing herself and her fiancée. I really liked how cheerful she was but her pin up style and Emma’s geeky side really got my attention as I knew I would get on with them just fine. And having things in common is a good conversation starter at least. Especially when you can be socially awkward at times.

I've explained to Molly what I want from the session or actually WHY I want it. Some time before I've decided to do this shoot, I've read a story of homosexual couple being rejected by photographer just because they were in the same sex relationship. And that's pretty awful and upsetting that people are still being discriminated based on who they love. This whole story made me wonder how many couples is there that could have been rejected before, how discouraging and discomforting it must be for them to even ask if a photographer will take pictures of a gay couple. And I came to conclusion that the best way to let people know that this kind of shit ain't gonna happen here, is to show it to them in my pictures. There is no excuse and no place for discrimination, homophobia, antipathy or any kind of hatred. Under any circumstances and I'm not talking only about photography.

Once we got past initial talk, we began to plan the shoot in various places and with many ideas but in the end we’ve set for a beautiful and old town of Stamford. And oh my! That was a real treat! We had an ideal late summer evening with a bit of sunshine and a perfect light. Amazing old buildings full of history, narrow passages and stunning streets. We’ve met at a parking lot and took walk down town, stopping here and there for few pictures. I fell in love with Molly and Emma pretty fast and we've had the best times chatting about everything and anything (although food and dogs were on the top of our conversation topics). Turned out, those two were very close to celebrate their two year engagement and I was even more pleased to be able to do the shoot for them. The evening went by very quickly and I've got many cool shots. After posting my sneak peeks, Molly said "it was such a pretty, fun evening and i’m in love with the photos and we’ve only seen previews so far, so if that doesn't speak volumes then i dont know what does!⁣⁣ please please PLEASE check out aga and her amazing talent. ⁣⁣her shots are so beautiful, authentic and uses natural lighting to her advantage!⁣⁣" So I want to believe my mission was successful and I gave this amazing couple some beautiful memories they can look back at.

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