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The Best Family

Just for a moment, but only for a moment, we will go back in time to 2013. Because our story starts when Leila and David reached out to me to photograph their wedding. I didn’t know then I was jumping on a lifetime adventure but looking at it now, it was the best thing that has happened. But first things first. There will be a day when I’ll find the courage to tell you my whole story but what you need to know for now is that I have begun my serious photography journey in 2011 when I started being paid for portraits. 2013 was my peak year, I’ve done some weddings alongside of 65 family and kids photo shoots. Leila and David’s wedding was in August, in the middle of the biggest mayhem of the year in terms of bookings. It took place in a small village in Northamptonshire where Leila’s parents live. It was a beautiful church ceremony with a reception on the fields behind Leila’s parents house. I was honoured to be part of their big day as they were the most amazing, free spirited couple I’ve met so far. Working along them was so easy I felt like I’ve lost something when we said farewells after I finished editing their wedding photographs. Little did I know I’d be be creating more memories for them for many years to come...

Over a year later, in October 2014, I had a pleasure to work with them again, this time for a maternity session! There was a lot of excitement when I found out they’re going to have a baby and I was overwhelmed that they have picked me to document that part of their life. Besides that, having to hang out with them was a lot of fun!

April 2015 was when I’ve seen the THREE of them. I've met their gorgeous baby girl to do some studio portraits. At that point I wasn’t officially working as a photographer anymore and thinking about it now, I don’t know how I’ve managed to even do that shoot as it was a very hard year for me. But there is one thing that stands out when it comes to this amazing couple. They are so chilled and laid back that no matter what I was going though, they were understanding and supportive so I never felt any pressure from them. Nonetheless, I just couldn’t say no to taking pictures of their little addition.

We’ve met again in September 2015 to focus more on some natural family portraits and to capture their baby who already has changed so much since our last photo shoot. Until this day, that shoot is one of my favourite sessions I’ve ever done. We've picked a very special place for this occasion, we took pictures in the same spot where their wedding reception was. That sweet babe was a perfect little model and I was just pleased to see this family in front of my camera again.

In 2016 I decided to collaborate with a dear friend of mine and we’ve organised low key Christmas minis on location. It wasn’t a big event because I wasn’t really operating as a photographer so on my site, it was just for friends. Leila, Dave and their daughter came as well and that was our fifth shoot together. Watching them grow as a family and being able to capture it gives my job real meaning. It is what feeds my passion and makes my heart bloom with happiness.

I'm gonna come off a subject a little now but in the second half of last year I was thinking about going back to photography. And I was thinking about that for quite a while. I never left it as in stopped taking pictures but I’ve finished it as a business and a job. I got pregnant with my third, and probably last baby in 2017 and gave birth to the most incredible girl on the beginning of 2018. Quite often, I had the thoughts about making photography my career once again and this year I’ve decided that the time will never be right so perhaps I should just get on with that and see where it takes me. Pursue my dream, make it much bigger part of my life. Because I was missing taking photos of people like craaaazy. Because one might have a passion and make a hobby out of that but for me that wasn't enough. So I went ahead and I started working on a new website, Instagram account and Facebook page. I've announced I was back in business and one of the first people who got in touch with me was Leila. Can you imagine my joy? Yeah, I was beaming with rays of sunshine and shooting rainbows out of my... ears! The day of the session came and we started at their home because I just wanted to take simple picture in their daily surroundings. Their beautiful cottage in a quiet, English village was a perfect spot. Besides, it was early March and although we were lucky with a sunny day, the wind was still cold. We started with a coffee and a bit of a catch up. We talked about our lives, work, kids and music. Because you see, Dave is a fanatic of music and he has amazing collection of vinyls. We found that our music taste doesn't differ that much so the subject of bands, sounds and favoruite tracks carried on for a while. Their daughter didn’t need any prompts and she started having lots of fun straight away therefore my job was super easy.

Before I’ll let you scroll though their pictures from our March session, I have to say: I love my shoots with this family and I think no matter what will happen in my career, I will always be available to take any photos they might want. Because this isn’t just a job anymore. I feel responsible for documenting their journey as a couple, as the parents, as a family. I feel privileged to be able to do this for them, to watch them grow old and admire the relationship they have. I capture their memories about which one day, hopefully, they will tell their grandchildren. And thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the trust those guys put in me because this is the most wonderful feeling. This is when a client becomes your friend and the job doesn't feel like one.

Little tip: Look carefully though the next photos because their walls are a display of the pictures I took in previous years. So I actually took photos of my photos!

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